Who I Was In High School (based on ‘truth is’ posts)

Nick Martinez
4 min readOct 16, 2020

When people ask me what I was like in high school, I have a tough time truly coming to an inner consensus of who I used to be. The blur that was high school was a rather confusing time for me. I remember being lazy, arrogantly stupid, loud, and annoying. Seeing as though most of those are incredibly negative attributes and I managed to have friends back then, I decided to do a deep dive in hopes of finding out what people really thought of me. I took to the greatest source of purely factual information, Facebook, to see some ‘truth is’ posts that were written on my page. It would only make sense that’s where I’d find my true identity/perception from my peers at the time. Here is what I found:

So far all I have gathered is that I thought it was a good idea to try and grab the opinions of people who I had class with but didn't really know. What could have possibly gone wrong there?

I was swag so that seems to be a major plus

I was good at Spanish

I was bad at English

I was good and fun at/in Spanish* (and had matching shirts with this person)

I had NO GAME whatsoever. I mean look at these PUBLIC posts onto my page. You can’t afford to be ugly and have no game bro ?? *My favorite part about these are that I didn’t even like that second post cause my ego was so damn hurt.

For further reference/insight this was high school Nick:

Jesus someone teach this guy how to smile please

Also, some other stuff I found to help get a better idea of who I was in high school:

So I posted some over-used motivational quotes?

I also used to recap and humble brag about baseball games I played in?

and whatever this is (yes I was hacked but I just let this stay up because??)

Truth is… I was right about all the negative attributes from the intro. High school Nick stunk.

Though after some thought, this cannot be all on me. I blame everyone who idly stood by and didn’t roast my pants off and stuff me in a locker on a daily basis. Also, all those who provoked me to be the way I was by telling me how funny and swag I was should be ashamed of yourselves. I needed to get bullied and shamed out of who I was as a person. *Please do not hesitate to bully the shit out of me if I do anything out of line like write stupid blog posts that nobody reads or tweet a little too much about stuff nobody cares about.

Songs played while writing:

Jamiroquai — The Return of the Space Cowboy [Album]

Chris Stapleton — Starting Over

Chris Stapleton — Cold