Tik Tok’s Newest&Baddest Bad Boy

Nick Martinez
4 min readDec 18, 2020

In an age where everyone is trying their hardest to make a name for themselves, fame is hard to come by. I spent hours of my life grinding away in hopes to one day make it to the top. I had tried a variety of different strategies as I attempted to find an avenue that would help me strike gold. Finally, one day I prevailed.

Yes, I had my taste of what it was like to be one of Tik Toks brightest stars. The glitz and glamour of social media superstardom was surely becoming all it was chalked up to be. Tons of media endorsements, invites to live in a Tik Tok house, TMZ hit pieces, and thousands of fans were all but certainly on their way into my normal day to day life.

Coming from the small town of Los Angeles, California, I’d always dreamed of one day making it in Hollywood and seeing my face up on billboards around town. I thought that I had finally struck gold, found my stride and would see my dreams become a reality. Then, one sad day not long after it had all begun, it was wrongfully ripped from my warm and hopeful embrace; leaving me in a state of desolation and darkness.

That’s right, I was banned from the platform for disregarding some made up policy against “overly-sexual/NSFW content” (or some other dumb excuse that I’d apparently agreed to in their ‘terms&conditions’). I suppose Tik Tok draws the line somewhere beyond underage girls dressing and dancing provocatively, but I digress.

If I am being completely fair and unbiased, I presume a case can be made that the original post (tattoo) I’d dueted goes a little overboard in its sexual nature. To go a step further in that direction of unbiased justness, I don’t think my brother panning me into the split frame to show off my dumptruck of a booty helped my case very much.

I sat there, on my voluptuous behind, with my Tik Tok legacy in pure ruin and my hopes to one day move into Sway House entirely lost. I wasn’t entirely sure where to go or how to continue. The words of encouragement that I received from my friends and family was truly all that I had going for me at that point. After mulling it over for a bit, I realized that I don’t play the game purely for fame, but for the fun of it. The grind and the passion were truly what keep me propelling forward into the future. I had to do it for everyone who was there to support me in this tough time. I had to be the best, that no one ever was; but this time I was going to lean into the bad boy persona that Tik Tok labeled onto me. I was going to the dark side.

So I am here to say that I am back on Tik Tok and ready to stake my claim back to fame. If the first Tik Tok is any indication as to how long it’ll take me to make another, please stand by for a tentative April release date. Until then, please try your hardest to continue moving forward during these very trying times knowing that Tik Tok’s youngest potential superstar is no more. Hopefully this blog restores some sense of hope in each of you that I will be coming back with a vengeance as Tik Tok’s #1 bad boy.

*Side note: Please stop going up to my mom in public asking if she’s the “hurtin and squirtin” girl. It’s not a good look.

Songs played while writing:

P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family — Bad Boy For Life

Inner Circle — Bad Boys (Theme From Cops)

Aphex Twin — Selected Ambient Works 85–92 [Album]

Playboi Carti — Die Lit [Album]