The Los Angeles Dodgers Are 2020 World Series Champions

As a kid, going to Dodger Stadium to see Shaun Greene trotting the bases to ‘Zombie Nation’, the “GAME OVER” graphics as Eric Gagne came in to shut shit down in the 9th, or the soothing sound of Vin Scully over the broadcast are all incredibly fond memories. It was truly a blessing to grow up a Dodger fan and get to experience it with friends and family. Little did I know that we were never the best team in the league until I truly began to follow the team during my high school years. It was then that I learned we hadn’t won a World Series championship since 1988, until last night. Finally, the Dodgers ended a 32-year drought as they went on to clinch the franchises’ 7th World Series Title.

Prior to last night, I was sick of this team running into the absolute worst luck in the postseason (with some outright implosions in productivity and managing). Having to deal with the 2016 team of destiny Cubs, the 2017 cheating Astros, to an absolutely dominant and red hot 2018 Red Sox team (also cheating), to a team that managed to catch fire and win the world series in the Nationals in 2019. Just a sheer run of tough luck that left me in shambles year after year, but we finally got over the hump. Actually, we didn’t just get over the hump, but managed to absolutely dominate the 2020 season. While some of you may be thinking that the Dodgers struggled in the NLCS as they got pushed to the brink of elimination (down 3–1 in the series) or didn’t stun the Rays by winning in 6 game; just follow me for a second here.

Some of you may remember that I’d written 2 earlier blogs on the Dodgers, the first: previewing the season and the second: a mid-season recap. The latter of which had been titled “The Dodgers Have Yet to Lose A Series” because well, the Dodgers had yet to lose a series. That rung true for another 2 weeks until September 4–6 when they lost a 3 game road series to the Colorado Rockies (1–2). After that, the Dodgers were able to get back on track and not lose another series until…. actually, they didn’t. The 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers only lost one series to the Colorado Rockies in early September. They won all of them through the World Series. Just appreciate that for a second.

Now that you’re done appreciating, take that and the rest of this with a grain of salt as the Dodgers played an anomaly of a season during even stranger times during this pandemic. They dropped 102 games off of the regular season schedule, bringing it down to just 60. In those 60 games, the Dodgers only faced off against AL & NL West opponents and were finally graced with a Designated Hitter (guy on the team who just hits almost exclusively for the pitcher [doesn’t play defense]). This was a major first for the entirety of the MLB. With this knowledge, some of you may now be cheering on the honesty behind this and nodding that it’s not a real win. Now is where I also say the Los Angeles Dodgers were just the only ones to dominate the new system and win the World Series so with all due respect, piss off mate.

From top to bottom this team was an absolute juggernaut. The statistics that can be pulled out are endless and consistent across the board. The amount of back and forth about which guys should be in the lineup at which spots; when almost every single one of them could be an everyday starter on another MLB team speaks to that. The fact that we had 5 legitimate starting pitchers (excluding David Price who would have been another great arm to add) speaks to that. I know, I say it almost every year, but this year genuinely felt different.

To finally see the depth and young(er) guys pull through in the big postseason moments. To see Dave Roberts not over-manage games and/or make terrible decisions. To get a happy reaction from a Vin Scully who the Dodgers had been wanting to get the job done for. Seeing the team rally around Kobe Bryant and the Mamba Mentality in a “jobs not finished” mindset until that final out was beautiful. Clayton Kershaw finally getting the assistance he needed to hoist the World Series trophy over his head; putting a feather in his cap for his Hall of Fame career. It happened folks. We did it.

3-time Cy Young, NL MVP, World Series Champion, Future Hall of Famer; Clayton Kershaw.

Just wanna take a moment to thank Julio Urias for slamming the door in both Game 7 of the NLCS and Game 6 of the WS. Absolutely insane.

I genuinely only see this team getting better and with Andrew Friedman, patiently collecting talent from around the league, and the fact that most of this team is either barely getting into or will soon be reaching their prime baseball years. I am excited for what’s to come in the ensuing years as a Dodger fan. With that being said, I am 100% soaking in this moment and the fact that for the first time in my entire life, the Los Angeles Dodgers are World Series Champions.

ongs played while writing:

The Avalanches — Since I Left You [Album]

Snoh Aalegra — Ugh, Those Feels Again [Album]

Randy Newman — I Love LA



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