The Hybrid Bod

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the body type that best suits men. Generally speaking, the most ideal/attractive body type for men from the time Jesus was walking around to up till about 2014–2015 was a chiseled, Statue of David-esque figure. While it might still be the most popular, there was a dad bod craze that swept the mainstream culture for a bit starting in 2015 and there is definitely still some residue from that.

Apparently still popular in the Furry Community

For those who may not know, the dad bod is a rounder, more out of shape figure possessed mostly by men in adulthood (as their metabolism stunts and they gain some weight). An outspoken number of women took to Twitter to display their affection for this body type, leaving alpha gym bro Twitter in shambles.

After taking some time to reflect on my own physical stature and place on this body-type totem pole, I found myself feeling like I wasn’t entirely on one team. I settled on the thought of this form as ‘the hybrid bod’. In car terms, it’s not quite the SUV that that the dad bod is, but also not the sleek sports car that the alpha-bro bod is; it’s more of a Compact-SUV type.

I would like to believe that this hybrid is the best of both worlds, but truth be told, it may end up being so neutral that nobody is pleased. I had a tough time coming to grips with my reality that this limbo state had left me in and didn’t know where to turn for clarity. Then, I realized I couldn’t think of a better group of people to turn to and ask what they thought of my hybrid bod than my incredibly gracious friends.

Some of their thoughts:

Perhaps my friends are right, and the hybrid bod is something to take a little bit more pride in? I mean Ryan mentioned that I was at the beach (shirtless) [sign of confidence] and that I have a “wide back”. Justin stated that “it’s just enough to get the job done” *Quotes may be paraphrased. I know that this is probably biased based on the fact that I asked my best friends, but I can’t help but feel good about myself.

If you have a hybrid bod, it definitely something to flaunt. It’s challenging not coming from the best genetics and managing to work out just enough to not delve into full-blown Dad Bod territory (although dipping your foot in that from time to time)

Example of time to time

But even if/when I return to this form, it is reassuring knowing that I have some very kind, thoughtful, encouraging friends who will still view me as the beautiful human being that I am (or just join the furry community). I just hope that everyone stays healthy and feels confident enough to live their truths. I know I will with my hybrid body type.

ongs played while writing:

Radiohead — Kid A [Album]

Bakar — Hell N Back



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