Kanye 2020?

Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and now Kanye West will be running for the presidential bid in 2020. I don’t think anyone is more drunk on patriotism this divisive 4th of July than Mr. West who seems to already have one influential fan.

When Kanye first announced that he wanted to run for the 2020 presidential nomination, during his Vanguard Award acceptance speech at the VMAs in 2015, I laughed uncomfortably. Like most thought, “I like some of the Kanye songs; what the fuck does he know about running a country??”. Kanye has always been a big ideas guy and he says things incredibly boldly and with a contrarian attitude. Examples of this pattern are his infamous Taylor Swift speech obstruction, him saying that he was a fan of Donald Trump, and anytime he says he’s going to release an album on time (all ridiculous and not done with much thought behind them).

I didn’t take Kanye seriously when he said that he was considering running for president in 2020. He had always been and seems to continue to be incredibly unstable and overly explosive. It was displayed as even more of a problem when Kanye was hospitalized in 2016 in the middle of the Saint Pablo Tour. I was sad to see such an amazing artist (arguably the most influential during our generation) and someone who had such a positive impact on me, as well as many other’s lives head to such a dark place.

Kanye came out of that hospitalization a different man and this is when I began to take Kanye wanting to run for president a tad more seriously. He began to made amends with some of the people who he had pushed away during his trip towards rock bottom. His ability to course correct was the first baby step in something that made me look a tad closer at that bold statement made at the VMAs in 2015.

Not long after Kanye’s hospitalization, his polarizing wife Kim Kardashian began to study law. Kim aimed her sights on helping the nation’s issues by reforming prisons as well as the criminal justice system. This was something that I read and thought about how bizarre it was that reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian wanted to take a stance on such issues. I couldn’t help but think it was Kris Jenner pulling some sort of strings for a new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I was wrong. Kim, along with the help of 3 formerly incarcerated women, have helped bring justice to a variety of African-Americans serving excessive sentences such as Alice Marie Johnson and Cyntoia Brown Long. *ARTICLES WILL BE LINKED AT THE BOTTOM FOR MORE INFO*. She claimed these as small victories in a long uphill battle for complete reform. I applauded Kim and took note that there were a large vocal majority of liberal Americans who were happy with this. While Kim seemed to be working towards gaining the democratic fanbase through her actions, Kanye was working towards gaining the conservative vote.

I can’t say I was initially a fan of Kanye West latest album Jesus Is King. To be quite honest I was angry, sad, disgusted, and outright disappointed. Kanye’s new found Christianity had Kids-Bop’d a true unreleased God-send in Yandhi. Still, I took note at seeing a large crowd of Kanye fans who not many would have pinned to be so loudly claiming their love for Kanye West; older white Americans. I think it’s fair to say that a good majority of the vocally Christian social media sect likely vote Red (Republican). It’s a generalization and perhaps I am overstepping, but it’s how I viewed Ye’s plan. Kanye managing to make fans of people who wouldn’t normally claim to love a, “Make her knees shake, make a priest faint. Make a nun come, make her cremate.” rapper was the first time I thought “holy shit he’s serious”.

Kanye was making friends with Trump and claiming/showing himself as a Born-Again Christian, winning over the hearts of Republicans. Kim was and still is working towards advocating for social reform, winning over the hearts of Democrats. They have Kris Jenner on their team who is the puppet master of all puppet masters. It’s all slowly falling into place. I was certain that Kanye would wait until 2024 (and technically he still might) so not to run against his friend Donald Trump, but I guess he wants to throw his hat into this shit-show of a 2020 Presidential race.

I still think Kanye has a long ways to go in making amends with a lot of liberals who were keen on cancelling him after claiming he was a fan of our current president. Perhaps his latest track Wash Us in the Blood which has strong symbolism in favor of the BLM movement is one small steps towards rekindling those relations. What I do know is that almost every time the masses have ever doubted Kanye West, the man seems to somehow come out on top. He’s a true visionary who seems to find success in nearly everything he has tried his hand at. Although, he may have stacked his plate too high with this challenge claiming he wants to run arguably the strongest nation on the planet. The man is absolutely bonkers, but as he’s already told us, “name one genius that ain’t crazy”.

ongs played while writing:

Kanye West — Jesus Is King [Album]

Kanye West — Wash Us in the Blood (feat. Travis Scott)

Kaytranada — Bubba [Album]

Yussef Dayes — For My Ladies (feat. Rocco Palladino & Charlie Stacey)

Jason Joshua — La Vida Es Fria

Lenny Williams — ’Cause I Love You





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