I Hate @DudeWithSign

Nick Martinez
2 min readJul 15, 2020

I normally am a firm believer of “if you don’t like someone, the best way to stop them is to not talk about them/ignore them”, but this guy stinks. Also, he gets reposted by popular pages like Complex and Hypebeast, so it’s almost impossible to not see his stupid posts. The guy has 7.4 million Instagram followers for writing down the most basic consensus that is already being put out by the masses on social media. He has never taken a brave stance or said anything close to insightful.


Damn bro so edgy. Never heard this one before.
Hey asshole how about you wear a mask out in public??
Oh now you want to wear a mask (months later) because the masses are in agreement? And this dude walking by isn’t wearing it over his nose? OMG and your caption says.. how convenient!
OMG my story feed was full of people posting zoom screenshots! So annoying until I got on a zoom with people!
OMG your goofy fanbase totally isn’t going to share this one
Haven’t heard that one on/near Valentine’s Day!

I couldn’t imagine ever using a platform to give random, senseless thoughts and opinions. It sounds like an absolute waste of time. If I did, I definitely wouldn’t want to take the time to give some spineless consensus. I doubt there’s anyone who has ever said “Wow @DudeWithSign said that? I should live my life that way”, so let’s stop hyping this guy up please. Take a hike @DudeWithSign.

But I will give you this one:

I’m not a total hater this one’s funny

*I don’t know how to put the photos side by side like they’re supposed to be I’m sorry.

EDIT: Thank you Saam

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