Big Monthly News Recap — January 2021

Nick Martinez
4 min readFeb 2, 2021


The stresses of life can often times become overbearing. To be truly transparent, that is what it has become for me with this blog. Unfortunately, I haven’t found as much time to get around to writing these things. Beyond that, I seem to even have less time to go about keeping up to date with the news cycle.

As someone who prefers to be in the loop, I thought to have a quick one-minute conversation with a friend who could headline the month’s biggest stories for me. I could then divulge the stories behind those headlines without even having to read up on them! It’s a truly brilliant idea and I am here to give you a quick summary of that divulging process so those of you who are out of the loop can understand what is going on too.

  1. Group of Trump Supporters Show Up to the Capital

This was one of the news stories that warmed my heart to hear. It is not as common anymore to see bipartisan support in this country. The idea that a group of Trump Supporters reached across the aisle, by showing up to the capitol to support for Biden’s presidential inauguration is a thing of beauty. I commend this band of MAGA folk on wanting to support Biden and Harris.

I’d be this upset if I was a week early to a party too

The unfortunate aspect of this story comes in two forms. The first being that they were an entire week early for Biden’s inauguration hearing. There was nothing to gather around to celebrate just yet! Their excitement brought them to a point where they’d jumped the gun. The second form was part of a ripple effect as the crowd was thrown into a state of mayhem as they stormed the capital being very upset they’d shown up for nothing. I assume they just wanted to have a word with someone inside over that miscommunication.

2. Donald Trump logs off of Twitter for Good

Going back to my last blog, I talk a bit about personally wanting to get rid of my phone addiction. It is crazy to think that the (now) previous President of the United States is thinking on that same wavelength. It appears that he took a massive step forward in ridding of his phone addiction by getting rid of his social media accounts all together. Going cold turkey like that is something to applaud, so I tip my cap to him for having the strength to do what I cannot.

3. Dad Makes Daughter Open a Can (VIRAL STORY)

Apparently the internet was split on some Dad not being able to open a can of beans and forcing his daughter to do it or something like that? I am having trouble trying to divulge why anyone cares this much, but all I know is this Dad is a loser for trying to score parenting points on social media.

Also, nobody is looking at the true villain of this situation, the guy from this tweet:

Had that black teenager been there to point out the daughter was even thinking about eating beans, she would’ve been embarrassed and decided against eating them. This would have EASILY solved the problem.

4. People Love Video Games (Again)

Video games saw a massive surge at the beginning of lockdown/quarantine in 2020. That upward trajectory for gaming culture does not appear to be slowing down as apparently people are BUYING IN on GameStop stock. The finance bros on Wall Street seem to have taken note of gaming’s surge and popularity and are buying big on one of the United States’ biggest hubs for gaming. It begs the question just how much of an influence Hypegeek culture and Rustin Sotoodeh have on the global economy.

I hope all you enjoyed being so graciously informed by me. If I got any of these news stories completely wrong, please feel free to reach out to my friend on Instagram @DvnielDavid and let him know to inform me of the truth.

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