Betting Lines for Your Spotify Top Artist

Spotify rolled out their ‘Spotify Wrapped’ playlist for their users this past week and as an Apple Music user, I couldn’t be more jealous about the cool way of rolling out an annual recap. I loved looking through everyone’s list and judging each of their favorites, so I thought to write a blog about some of my thoughts.

Instead of the normal, overly judgmental, Nick blog just ripping something constantly I thought to combine another world of mine when writing this, sports betting. I will explain how each of these betting lines work so you can better understand your boy’s/girls’ sports gambling tirades.


  • When you see a minus (-) sign in front of a price, it shows you that it’s favored to win. That number also indicates how much money you need to bet in order to win $100.


Moneyline (ML): Dodgers (-220) | Rays (+180) *Dodgers favored

Over/Under: 7.5 Runs (-110)

FINAL SCORE: Dodgers 4-Rays 3

So, the winners of this bet would be those that bet on the Dodgers (they won on a straight up ML bet) and those that bet on the under (total of 7 runs were scored [7 < 7.5 runs].

Keep in mind that each of these lines were made to represent the stereotypical fan for these artists. The Over/Under lines also work such that they are taking the totality of 2020 (unless otherwise specified).

Here Are 10 Betting Lines for Your Top Spotify Artist:

1. Frank Ocean:

Moneyline: Mentally Stable (+300) | Needs Therapy (-400)

Over/Under [TOLD PEOPLE THEY NEED TO SEE HIM LIVE]: 56.5 times (-110)

2. Kanye West:

Moneyline: In Healthy Relationships (+220) | In Toxic Relationships (-280)

Over/Under [IGNORED RED FLAGS]: 14.5 times (-110)

3. Drake:

Moneyline: Prefers Authentic Mexican food (+260) | Prefers Taco Bell (-350)

Over/Under [AGE]: 17.5 years old (-110) [*Disclaimer* He personally asked me to set this line to figure out who he needs to groom]

4. Tame Impala:

Moneyline: Believes They Have Common/Average Taste (+320) | Believes They Have A MUCH Different Music Taste (-450)

Over/Under [TOLD PEOPLE ‘Tame Impala’ IS ACTUALLY JUST ONE GUY]: 63.5 times (-110)

5. Post Malone:

Moneyline: The Field [Anything Except ‘Vanilla’] (+160) | Vanilla [Favorite Ice Cream Flavor] (-200)

Over/Under [BLACKOUT DRUNK (2019 SEASON)]: 12.5 times (-110)

6. BTS/Blackpink:

Moneyline: Has Had Sex (+850) | Virgin (-1000)

Over/Under [WATCHED ANIME PORN]: 364.5 times (-110)

7. The Weeknd:

Moneyline: Always Sleeps Normally (+250) | Cries Self To Sleep Sometimes (-180)

Over/Under [TOLD PEOPLE HOW BS THE GRAMMYS ARE]: 13.5 times (-110)

8. Travis Scott:

Moneyline: Doesn’t Own Bad Merch (+220) | Owns Ugly McDonalds Collab Merch (-240)

Over/Under [TOLD PEOPLE ‘Bird in the Trap’ IS UNDERRATED]: 17.5 times (-110)

9. (Any EDM DJ):

Moneyline: Wants To Just Watch Virtual Sets (+440) | Has Considered Rolling Casually At Their House For Virtual Sets [*Drug Addict] (-460)

Over/Under [TOLD PEOLE HOW MUCH THEY MISS LIVE SHOWS]: 88.5 times (-110)

10. (Any pre-2000s rock band):

Moneyline: The Field [Any Other Ethnicity] (+10000) | White (-10000)

Over/Under [WISHED THEY COULD GO BACK AND LIVE DURING PRE-2000s]: 42.5 times (-110)


Moneyline: Respected (+1000) | Mocked/Laughed At For Poor Taste (-1200)


If you enjoyed this blog and have any recommendations please reach out with some artists you’d want me to set lines for in a Part 2.

If you have any grievances with any of these please see @aryjawn on Twitter and complain to him.

Songs played while writing:

The Strokes — Is This It [Album]



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