While Time Magazine wants to take some time to commemorate their ‘Person of the Year’ for 2020, I thought it best to give out an even more important award; my ‘Person of the Year’ award. While 2020 was justly a tasking time in everyones lives, there were some major highlights…

Me the very first time being asked this (before I discovered the correct answer)

“Is a hotdog/hamburger a sandwich?”

Short answer: FUCK NO.

Listen, if you want to be an annoying “well technically” guy/girl that literally nobody enjoys having around, then by all means give your “proper definition.” Technically…

So I may have gotten sidetracked over the month of September in writing one of these new music reviews, but I am back to give you guys some new music worth checking out. Again, I will be giving the top 5 new albums and some random songs (not from the…

Nick Martinez

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